Let's Start with the basics In Web development Journey.


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Let's Start with the basics In Web development Journey.

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Web Development refers to the development of a website whether it is a frontend, backend or both (Full Stack). Developing a website is not easy as we think. Yet, depends on the project's complexity but it is quite interesting. If anyone is trying to pursue a career in web development then that is Good! because the demand for websites will increase with time. Hence the increase in new startups and ideas will lead to an increase in web development.

There are usually three types of web development options i.e Frontend, Backend and Fullstack. They are closely interrelated not only with the Id environment but also with a programming language.

FRONTEND: Frontend uses Html, CSS as well as Javascript and other Frameworks such as reactJs and so on. They are limited to building the Interface of Websites through mentioned languages. For this, it requires expertise in Html, CSS as well as Javascript.

BACKEND: The backend deals with the logical part in databases and Storage for input data on the Server side. Hence, It requires expertise in Javascript, Mongo DB or MySql and more. It requires critical and logical thinking among all and it is a little difficult part of the web dev journey. However, Backend usually has a plus point of knowing both frontends as well as the backend but backend better.

FULL STACK: If we talk about building a dynamic website we require both Frontend and Backend teams so somewhat both are dependent on each other for a better result whereas FULL STACK is the king of its own skills because he has expertise in both which lets him to built a dynamic project Independently.

UI DESIGNER: As we know in most of cases "First Impression is the last impression" which means the Website is recognized by its Soothing interface so, with the development of the website it is necessary to coordinate with the UI/UX part of the website. It gives the website a new life. UI stands for User Interface which means the designed Components used in websites and UX which stands for User experience i.e how the website appeal to the User TOTALLY depends on the UI Designer. Hence it leads to a Job for UI designers which looks like this sought of things.

HISTORY OF WEBSITES: Initially i.e in the 19s Html came into existence which has the basic potential to create a structure of a page and to display information. But as time passes new technology in the web is introduced such as CSS. Which design the webpage to make it look better. These raise the opportunity for the UI designer. Javascript was also introduced but it was incapable to run by the traditional browser engine. So, changes have been made in the browser engine and today more than one browser engine exists such as Safari browser uses Webkit, Mozilla Firefox uses Gecko and Chrome and its Chromium browser uses Blink engine. The function of all browsers is the same but may vary in browsing speed. (By the way, let me know which browser you use?)